Storage Supplies

Storage Supplies

We have Storage Supplies ready…

“To save you having to go out shopping for storage supplies, we keep all of the essential supplies for you to purchase on request. Please provide us with prior notice if you will be needing any of these so we can make sure the stock is in…”


Product Price
Large Boxes (60x46x46cm) £3.00
Medium Boxes (50x32x35cm) £2.50
Plastic Storage Box – Big (60x7048cm) £15.00
Plastic storage Box – Medium (42x60x40cm) £10.00
Padlock £1.50
Padlock (Combination) £3.00
Marker Pens £1.50
White Labels (Each) £0.15
Stanley Knives £1.50
Tape Measure £1.50
Bubblewrap small 1.5x1m £1.00
Bubblewrap large 1.5x1m £2.00
Tape Roll £1.50
Tape Gun + 1 Roll £6.00
Dust Sheet (Polythene) 2.7×3.6m £4.00
Dust Sheet (Cotton) 1.65x4m £5.00

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